Payment integration simplified!

MCX is a payment gateway, developed to facilitate low fee transactions using the MCX coin. The secure platform ensures faster transactions, as clients can receive MCX payment by directly integrating the gateway on their website. MCX quadruples convenience for all clients, by restricting the processing time to only a few minutes; saving the client’s time as well as money.


MCX coin has come up with the technology of the future today, providing its customers with cutting edge features to help them flourish.

Single Currency

Conveniently manage MCX coin in one place. This gives the customers the freedom to manage all their funds, payments, and records at one point of access and with the help of one single currency to make all payment.

Transact Instantly

All the transactions on MCX will be conducted instantly with no wait time and the customers shall receive all the necessary credentials to make seamless and secure payments. The automation technology is its future plan; refer to learn about automated trading.

Own Your Money

You sign all of your transactions — no one else can transact for you. All the data is encrypted and can only be accessed with authorized keys and ID’s. Hence making your money and transactions completely secure.

Accept MCX on your website

With the MCX payment gateway, you have the option of directly making and receiving payments via the MCX coin directly on your website rather than using another payment gateway to make that transfer.

Sell to anyone, anywhere

MCX Payment gateway gives you the freedom to sell any product to anybody around the world. No third parties no hassles, not exorbitant fees.

No service or transaction fee, just the network fee

MCX does not charge any fees for service or transactions. All that MCX Payment gateway charges are a minimal Network fee that is negligible if compared to other payment gateways or third parties

Payments straight to your MCX wallet

All the payments made will be directly transferred to your MCX secure wallet that can be accessed by using the private key and the transaction ID by the customer anywhere and at any time.

No personal details required

MCX does not require personal details of the customers. The user using the payment gateway shall be anonymous. All the transaction data and details will also be shared only with the participating parties.

Download Our App

Do not stay behind in this competitive world. Download the MCX coin application available on both IOS and Android after 31st DECEMBER, 2017. The app works autonomously similar to bitcoin trading apps like bitcoin up reviewed at